choosing the right size is one of the most important decisions you will make when you need to rent a storage unit. Don’t rent a 10 x 15 when a  10 x 12 will do. we save our customers, on average, over $40/mo because we have the ‘in between’ sizes other storage providers do not.

label all containers

The few moments spent labeling your containers will save you time and frustation in the future, we promise.

ever wish you had an extra closet?

when you have stuff you want to keep but don’t want to keep around a small closet sized storage unit is the answer. Even for a month or two so you can reclaim some space at home

shelving and plastic totes will save you time

It is good to follow best practices for using a storage unit in the most efficient way.  Use shelving and totes with labels on every container. eliminates the frustration of having to find something quickly. 


a tip from cross country movers

Movers have to know how to pack stuff in tight spaces… they like to use as many of the  same size boxes as possible. more stuff in the same place means fewer boxes and easier stacking!


important to remember

If you stack boxes too close to the roll-up door, and if a bottom box collapses the stack might wedge itself against the inside of the door making it extremely difficult to open. Leave at least 6 inches of space between the door and stacked boxes inside.

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